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Our Solutions

Your partner in digitalization

Working within the remit of Telefónica Germany NEXT GmbH, we develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s networked data world. We can help you supply your customers with relevant offers at the right place and the right time. We can assist you in creating intelligent products that your customers love.

Focusing on customers

„We help our business clients exploit the full potential of data analysis and the Internet of Things. We believe that the key to success is giving consumers full control over what data they share with whom, and when.“

Dr. Nicolaus Gollwitzer_CEO

„We make it easier for you to develop truly intelligent products and services that make the Internet of Things a reality for consumers at last – for a world where skies become ski instructors, t-shirts measure your pulse, and intelligent dog collars advise you on better pet care.“

Moritz Diekmann_Managing director

„We want to enable our partners to understand their customers fully and improve their customer journeys at every stage. We do this by connecting smart data analysis with precise digital targeting and the Internet of Things.“

Jens Lappoehn_Managing director

„We are an agile start-up and we make use of Telefónica’s assets and network. This heritage gives our solutions a unique advantage, making them innovative, secure and sustainable. Together with our teams and customers, we’re making the world smarter.“

Kumar Jeswani_Managing director