Advanced Data Analytics

Big Data for new insights.

A genuine understanding of customers is the basis of all the best business decisions. We can help. We benefit from data obtained from Telefónica Germany, which we use in different ways depending on the situation, combining it with your own sources – or we advise you on your own big data strategy.


Big Data Mine

As Germany’s biggest mobile telecommunications operator, Telefónica Germany´s normal business processes generate large quantities of data such as transaction data and sociodemographics like age and gender.

Reliable, flexible anonymisation

With its Data Anonymization Platform (DAP), Telefónica NEXT has developed a multi-stage process that reliably renders data anonymous. DAP combines the highest security standards with lots of flexibility in aggregating data in a suitable way for each application scenario.

Lots of data sources

The Data Anonymization Platform can collate data from a wide variety of sources while maintaining anonymity. For example, we can combine information from our network with customer databases and public census data. But you too can use DAP to anonymise your own data pools.

Our Transport Analytics and Retail Solutions contain examples of how anonymised data is used. Our location-based mobile messaging solutions are based on personal data with the express consent of end-customers.

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