Internet of Things (IoT)

For the connected world of today

The connected devices and wearables of today produce vast amounts of data. Building on this data in smart and responsible ways is an important step in digital transformation. We believe in diversity, transparency and freedom of choice.

Data unlocks the potential of IoT

We at Telefónica NEXT bring consumer-facing companies together. Our goal is to jointly define rules and standards for working with IoT data and to create new business models and propositions, helping consumers by making their devices more useful.

We understand mass markets

As a subsidiary of a large mobile communications provider in Germany, we understand the requirements of mass market products. We create solutions that meet the technical requirements for scaling.

Privacy by Design

Protecting customer and user data is part of our DNA. We already design our systems with this in mind, creating privacy by design. Together with our partners, we empower people to take control over their digital lives.


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