In-Store Analytics for Retail

with Minodes

Retail is in the process of digitization. In-store analytics can provide crucial insights for succeeding in business with local retail, tourism and transport services.

logo_minodes-new Working with the expertise of our subsidiary Minodes in Berlin, we offer the right technology for achieving results in compliance with data privacy.

Using mobile advertising and retargeting solutions, we can address your customers reliably, even a long time after having left your shop.


In-store analytics in detail

Retail analytics

How much time do your visitors spend in your shop, which routes do they take, who comes back and how does it all affect your sales? Using WiFi-sensor-based retail analytics, you can see clearly what happens in your store and you clearly compare how your sites are performing. Use these insights to optimize displays of goods, staff planning and drive decisions based on solid data.


Aside from beacons, Telefónica NEXT offers other mobile advertising solutions such as location-based messaging and geofencing with O2 More Local, as well as mobile display services that make your campaigns even more efficient.