Big Data Privacy Services

Anonymization is the key to a secure and accepted use of big data. Our Data Anonymization Platform (DAP) is an effective tool for anonymization of large volumes of data. Through many years of development, the platform was supported by the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and was awarded the seal "Certified Data Privacy" by TÜV Saarland.

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TÜV-certified data privacy


TÜV-tested anonymization

Our Data Anonymization Platform is a valuable internal development, which we will soon be making available to our partners as well. The DAP is a way to effectively anonymize and analyze personal data, such as customer data. In this way, you can implement valuable use cases on the basis of your data, while simultaneously protecting the privacy of your end customers with TÜV-certified data protection.


High level of data protection

The anonymization platform was developed for mobile network data by Telefónica Deutschland on the basis of the German Telecommunications Act (TKG). The TKG belongs to the strictest data protection standards worldwide. Therefore we are confident, that we already meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are currently working towards certification.


Explore valuable data

Data often become most meaningful in the light of other information. After anonymization, you can examine your valuable stocks of data in the context of other data, for instance from other companies and industries, and thus exploit their potential. The data and privacy of end customers are protected, because the DAP eliminates all connection to individuals and transforms personal data into anonymous data. This is the prerequisite for exploratory analyses supporting innovative use cases and new business ideas.


Powerful technology

For our Data Anonymization Platform, we use a scalable, real-time capable framework based on Apache Kafka and Apache Flink. We are able to process input on file basis and also as data streams. The DAP can protect and process dynamic and static data from many different sources.

Possibilities include "connected car", passenger and booking data, customer and order data, or data from IoT devices. Sensitive data is thus available only in anonymous form, free of personal information, and is stored segmented on secure servers. Methods such as differential privacy and K-anonymity, combined with numerous innovative internal developments, ensure that it is never possible to draw any conclusions about individual persons during data analysis, not even for our employees. The Data Anonymization Platform (DAP) thus sets a new standard for data-privacy-friendly yet valuable big data applications.