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How do you make your product smart? Geeny is the best way to do so, because Telefónica NEXT’s Geeny platform for the consumer internet of things (IoT) brings brands and products for end consumers into the internet of things itself. Our open platform saves you complex development work so that you can set up and market your smart product more quickly.

+ 183 Mio.

smart devices in Germany by 2020 (McKinsey)


of companies have an IoT strategy but no finished products (McKinsey)


of the potential of IoT requires interoperability (McKinsey)


of consumers feel “very uneasy” about how their data is used at the moment (Altimeter)

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Geeny IoT plattform

Geeny is an open IoT platform which companies and developers can use to create user-friendly products and services. You, too, can utilize the many ready-made modules that the Geeny platform offers for your IoT development. Broaden your product range by making use of the Geeny Marketplace, where your end-customers can discover more apps and services.

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Smarter products, quicker

When it comes to IoT development, having to have your own products costs you one thing above all: time. Geeny can provide you with the platform while taking over your user management as well as data processing. Along with that, Geeny can perform communication between devices while ensuring their security. This means that you can market your smart product with an advantage over others. Geeny is also open to numerous different connection standards and models, and can be connected flexibly to your front- and back-end.

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The right partners

We believe in a networked ecosystem for the Internet of Things in which software and hardware can be easily combined at will. The Geeny partner network supports you in every phase of your IoT development. It has the right hardware manufacturers, suppliers of different connectivity standards, design agencies, consultancies, and developers of apps and algorithms.

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And can our network benefit from your service? Geeny partners all along the value-add chain assist in the planning, physical production, and marketing of IoT products for consumers. Become part of the Geeny Ecosystem today.

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Data sovereignty for consumers

Trust is valuable: Geeny helps consumers control which devices collect what data, and to whom they want to give access to that data. Using the Geeny Marketplace, consumers can also benefit from new and additional services using the data that comes from their devices. Give your customers access to new digital worlds and provide consumers with full control over their personal information.

You can find more examples for IoT-applications and technical information for developers on the Geeny-Website.

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