Smart Media

Are you looking for a mobile advertising solution allowing you to address your customers more accurately? Use smart media to reach the right person at the right time and in the right place.

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As a part of Telefónica NEXT, we have a great range and enormous potential for innovation. Through a great understanding of consumers, intelligent targeting options, and strong mobile touchpoints, we ensure maximum success for your campaigns.

You can rely on a combination of location-based messaging and mobile display advertising that is unique in Germany. And profit from the unique expertise offered by Telefónica NEXT.

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~ 44 million

mobile customer connections

> 3 million

customers registered
with O2 More Local

97 %

of mobile messages are opened within five seconds

62 %

can recall companies in the message

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Location-based messaging

Reach consumers as they stroll through pedestrian shopping zones. Speak to travellers at airports. Advertise ice cream in hot weather and umbrellas in the rain. The O2 More Local location-based messaging service offers it all.

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Mobile display advertising

Looking for ways of placing your advertising messages on potential customers’ mobile phones and achieving greater range? Reach your customers by sending advertising to mobile apps and websites.

As part of Telefónica NEXT, we bring in high reach and considerable innovation potential. We ensure maximum success for your campaigns because we unite customer insights, intelligent targeting and strong mobile touchpoints.

Use our expertise and the unique combination of location-based messaging and mobile display advertising that Telefónica NEXT offers in the German market.

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We take on your mobile advertising needs - and we take care of them!

We offer:

  • Competent, needs-based consulting
  • Realistic planning of your campaigns
  • Creation and implementation of innovative advertising formats
  • A programmatic approach to the purchase of advertising space on high-performance platforms
  • Campaign optimization on the basis of the most meaningful KPIs for each case
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Measure advertising effects

Did you ever ask yourself what effect your mobile advertising campaigns have on your customers? We speak directly to the recipients of your advertising messages and perform brief mobile surveys with them.

We provide you with the opportunity to measure performance and impact – far beyond simple click rates.

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In addition, we do comprehensive market research for you - including set-up, analysis and follow-up discussion. Online or mobile implementation is done via the survey platform "PublicEye".

You get insights into

  • Campaign recall
  • Interaction
  • Brand affinity
  • Brand awareness
  • Intent to purchase


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References for smart media

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„Taste the feeling and win your own Coke name shirt with O2 More Local“:

In the “Win your T-shirt” campaign run by Coca-Cola, O2 More Local customers had the opportunity to win their very own Coke name shirts.

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In order to get as many customers as possible to participate in the contest, Coca Cola relied on Smart Media and product-location-based SMS. The exact targeting of Media Services made it possible to address O2 customers in the immediate vicinity of a supermarket. They were invited via text to take part in a contest and to go to the nearest supermarket. Thanks to the direct link within the text to the mobile landing page of the "Win-your-T-shirt" promotion, the customer was able to log on directly without changing media. Then all that was left was to: scan in a coke, enjoy, and - with a little luck - win a T-shirt.

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With weather targeting – use O2 More Local and stay safe“

To increase brand awareness, Audi used O2 More Local mobile messaging for its Quattro all-wheel-drive 2015 campaign.

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Thanks to comprehensive targeting, it was possible to address target-group relevant O2 customers. The mechanics of the campaign included three components:

  • Age targeting: addressing customers in a predefined age segment
  • Location targeting: addressing customers located in the immediate vicinity of one of 200 ski areas in Germany
  • Weather targeting: Sending an MMS at temperatures below 5°C and snow.

Through a direct link within the MMS, customers were routed to the landing page with the current TV spot of Audi Quattro.

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“Score a direct hit – in the Commerzbank European Championship competition with Telefónica NEXT Smart Media”

Commerzbank used a combination of location-based SMS and mobile display to increase the profile of its European Championship competition and generate new leads.

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The text message for the EC contest of Commerzbank was sent exclusively to O2 More Local customers. Through age targeting and the locational reference to public viewing areas in the Top 10 metropolitan areas in Germany and to Commerzbank branches, only customers relevant to the campaign were addressed.

A link within the text message routed the customers directly to the landing page of the contest, thus facilitating user-friendly use without any media break.

Additional visual direction of the campaign was done through the mobile display formats. Through programmatic real time bidding, it was possible to direct mobile banner advertising to precise target groups in mobile applications.

For Commerzbank, three banner formats for the EC contest were integrated on various mobile platforms, thus generating additional reach and awareness.

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